It is rare when years after listening to someone speak, those present are able to recall not only what was said but tell you how what they heard has influenced their practice and their life. With the people who have had the opportunity to hear Terry Johnson, that is a commonly recurring experience.She is gifted with the ability to relate to the audience in a uniquely positive fashion. Her joy and sensitivity permeate the most difficult of topics. And joy is an underlying theme in all she presents. Even the most clinical and complicated of subjects is explained in such a way that it is not only understood but the learning process is actually enjoyable.

Her areas of expertise include conflict resolution, team building, anger management, surviving change and respecting who we are as professionals, ethical and bereavement issues, work redesign, and burn out. Added to those essential skills is her clinical expertise in growth and development of the neonate, neonatal physiology, and a variety of current clinical topics.